Firouzeh Karamlou is a gifted and talented artist soulfully devoted to her work as a sculptor. It is art that lives and inspires and communicates without having to speak a single word. Her distinguished works both contemporary abstract and figurative are a symbol of feminine expression, reflecting life’s most precious moments. It is a combination of strength and passion that distinguishes it from all others. Her work is a confident high spirited statement of lasting beauty, at times joyful, sometimes sad but always heroic.

As a young girl the hillside landscapes of a far away place were her first impressions of nature conveying its beauty. It was just a matter of time before she would turn those first impressions into magnificent works of art. First as a painter, spending her days on the banks of the Darband river flowing through the valley near her childhood home in Tehran.

Firouzeh Karamlou began painting at the age of 6. It was in 1968 as she was walking through her father’s steel factory that she found her destiny as an artist. She imagined marvelous creations towering into the sky made from the scraps of metal sprawled across the floor. It was the beginning of her life’s work.

In 1976 she was admitted to the University of Tehran where she studied Architecture and Interior Design. In her senior year she won the University of Fine Arts top award for a series of paintings inspired by human destiny. That same year she was commissioned to create the stage designs for the Roodacky Amphitheatre, one of the largest amphitheatres in Tehran.

After her arrival in the United Stated in 1985, she continued perfecting her skills in the technique of welding while pursuing her growth as an artist. In 1990 she exhibited her work at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts, an artistic affair known throughout the world for its embodiment of world class contemporary artist. Her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide with commissioned works in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Milan.

It is the defining moment in art when an artist conveys his or her feelings in its highest and purest form – a truthful expression of human emotion pouring from the soul, forever revealing to its admirers.

“There is a lot of Firouzeh Karamlou in all of her sculptures, but few reveal her better than fragile but strong.” 
Los Angeles Times

Firouzeh Karamlou _ The Artist